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A New Breed of Noble Deeds

     It was quite an honor to travel to Indianapolis with the Reigning Empress of San Francisco, Khmera Rouge. The Imperial Sovereign Court of Indiana welcomed us with open arms and hearts. Of course, it is always a pleasure seeing old friends, making new, and pushing the limits with the Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great.

     As the delegates from the Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc., the Founding Mother Court, Khmera and I were honored to bestow the newly seated Czar & Czarina with scepter & sword as well as crown the first Monarchs of this 69th chapter in the realm. Along with other seasoned veterans of the Imperial Court System, we were not only representing our respective cities, but we were helping guide them through protocol, providing insights of tradition, and educating them on the rich history of our organization.

     Mentoring in this new band of volunteers is quite inspiring. Any person that undertakes a groundbreaking role, puts themselves out there in the public is watched, scrutinized by all, and should be commended. All eyes are on those that take it upon themselves to stand up for any organization. It is especially difficult for leaders of a new alliance that is in the business of helping others. There are often closed doors, as well as closed minds. It takes a special kind of soul to carry on under such conditions. Honestly, I’m jealous of these two newbies. Not unlike Jose Julio Sarria, they are the pioneers of their community, and will never be forgotten. Being a part of the beginning of a newly formed assemblage is truly exciting.


     Knowing Absolute Empress I is becoming less and less the norm in this group across the land. Many only know of Nicole, and the great work that she has done for her community, but let us not forget where it all began. We were reminded today to educate ourselves, and those around us, about Jose, and the wonderful pioneer that he was. Stepping out and not wanting to be treated as a second-class citizen, he decided to take a stand. We all benefit from his perseverance. It would be a disservice if we did not continue to spread his story, and help others as he did. Let us celebrate the fifty years of noble deeds of the Imperial Court of San Francisco, Inc., and strive for the next fifty years.


Bradley Roberts

Emperor XL, After Norton

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