SICII Board Meeting Minutes February 23, 2020

Called to order at 2:10 p.m. by President Michelle Edwards.  In attendance were the President, Vice President Brad Eley, Secretary Matthew Hill, Treasurer Brandon Barker, Membership Chairwoman Treva Eley, Regent Emperor IV Jeff Wainscott, and Empress IV Monica Poindexter.  Also, in attendance were Brain Schlemmer Queen Mother to Reign 1 and Joshua Long.           The secretary read the minutes from the previous meeting.  There was some discussion.  Changes were made, it was reported that the invasion show in Indianapolis was listed as February 21St and was changed to March 21st.  It was also reported that February 29th would be Drag Bingo at Zonie’s it was corrected to March 29th, and the date for Lexington invasion was added to be April 26th.  The motion was made by Brad and seconded by Brandon to accept the minutes with the changes and passed with a unanimous vote.            The Presidents report was given by Michelle.  Michelle has asked Ginger to come and help us with the running of the board for this reign.  The president asked us to shut down Reign 3 BOD chat on messenger.  It was again said that the board meetings are open to the public to attend.  It was reported that Michelle reach out to the ICS president and the Queen Mother about our 501c3 status.  It was suggested that we suspend all unscheduled shows until we hear back from them.  It was also reported that we filled the wrong paperwork with the IRS.  The accountant has taken care of this and filled the correct paperwork.   It will be four to six weeks before we hear anything back.  It was also reported that we need to start charging for membership every year. It was suggested that we offset our reign times for board members.  Ginger also stated that any changes to the by-laws need to be voted on by the general membership and policies and procedures are voted on by the board of directors.  Our policies and procedures supersede the bylaws in an instance we have a discrepancy.  It was suggested that we sit down and revamp the Bylaws and the Policy and Procedures.           Brad reported in the vice president report, that he added the new Social media policies on the website.           The treasurer report was given by Brandon.  He reported that he went back to October 16, 2017 and did a report for every month since then.  It was reported that we need to fill out the financial forms for all shows.  There needs to be two people to count the money at all shows.  It should be the treasurer and one other board member.  If in event that there is not another board member attending, a general member can help with the counting of the money.  The only people that should never touch the money are the reigning monarchs.  Our current reign year is June 1st thru May 31st.  We would like to change this once our 501c3 status has been fixed to coincide with the reign year.  Brandon would like to set up different accounts for the general fund and the travel fund.  As of January 1st, 2020, we had $2718.97.  Our deposits were, Drag Bingo $101, Pride Bar Show $400, Lip Sync Battles $400.  Our Expenditures were, PayPal for $75 with was the ad for Minnesota Coronation, and Check #1023 for 400.00 which was to the accountant for his fees.  The total Deposits for January were $901.00, and Total Expenditures were $475.00, leaving us a total balance of $3144.97 as of January 31st, 2020.  There was a motion made by Monica and seconded by Brandon and approved by the board with a unanimous vote to add $24 to the donations for Red Door Cancer Society.  We had a question about two payments.  One was made to Tom Fleetwood for $50 thru Facebook pay and the other was to Bunnie for $30.  Pie Gate raised $1037.19.  Out of our balance $1275.20 must go to charity.  Realistically we have $1869.77 as of January 31st, 2020. The motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report by Matt and seconded by Jeff and was accepted by a unanimous vote from the board members.  The motion was made by Matthew and seconded by Jeff to approve the treasurer report and was passed with a unanimous vote.           The monarch’s report was given by Jeff and Monica.  We have the Falsie awards in Lexington Kentucky on March 8th, March 21st the Invasion Show at Greg’s from 8 to 10pm, Invasion Show in Cincinnati on March 22nd, and Lexington’s invasion show on March 29th.  Jeff will be in Fort Worth for there coronation the weekend of March 20 thru 22.  Jeff will pay for the ad in Ft. Worth and Monica will pay for the table drops.           There was a complaint that was sent to Michelle.  Ginger was stated that Michelle needs to report to the member that she will forward it to Brad.  Michelle and Brad will discuss what needs to be done.           New business was discussed.  Matthew handed out the new coronation assignment sheet that he prepared.  The SICII only page is to be no longer used for advertisement for court events.  We will use the Sovereign Imperial Court Facebook page will be used for all advertisements.           The next meeting is scheduled for March 15th from 3-5pm at the Central Library.  The meeting was adjourned with a motion from Brandon and second from Matthew and passed with a unanimous vote.

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