SICII Board Meeting Minutes January 26, 2020

Updated: May 15

Meeting called to order at 2:03 p.m. by President Michelle Edwards.  In attendance were the President, Vice President Brad Eley, Secretary Matthew Hill, Membership Chairwoman Treva Eley, and Regent Emperor IV Jeff Wainscott.  Also, in attendance were, Princess Royale Renee Lyons Dismuke, ICP 2 Vesper Landin, and Darnell Dismuke Lyons.

The minutes were read from the previous meeting by the secretary.  The minutes were approved with a motion from Jeff and second by Brad and a unanimous vote by the board.

Due to the treasurer being absent there was not a treasurer’s report.  Jeff reported that as of January 26 we had a bank balance of $3144.97 with no outstanding transactions.  The Big Blonde and Beautiful show raised $300 on January 25.  We had a $30 donation from Truly St. James for the ICP Ball.  The treasurer report was tabled until the next meeting with a motion by Matthew and second by Brad and a unanimous vote from the board.

The President’s repost was given by Michelle.  She reported that the 501c3 status paperwork had been filled with the IRS.  We are just waiting to hear from the lawyer that they accepted it.

The Vice President’s report was given by Brad.  He passed out a copy of the new Social Media Policy.  There was some discussion among the board about them.  In the guidelines, # 2 states that If you create an account or alias, you must not in any way use the name “SICII” or “Sovereign Imperial Court of Indiana” in your account name or alias without the permission of the Membership Coordinator.  It has been changed to the permission of the President of the board.  And # 3 states If you behave or communicate in a way detrimental to SICII while using social media it is always possible that the Membership Coordinator, a board member, the current Emperor/Empress, or a past Monarch in the College of Monarchs may wish to address the matter with you.  It has been changed to that it can be reported to any of these people but needs to be handled by the president.  The Social Media Policy and Confidentiality Policy were approved with a motion from Jeff and second by Matthew and a unanimous vote from the board.

The monarch’s report was given by Jeff.  We have Drag Bingo on January 26th at Zonie’s from 5-7, February 8this the Broken Hearts show in Chicago, February 15th Tainted Love show at State Street Pub from 7-9, February 23rd Drag Bingo at Zonie’s from 5-7, March 8th  in Lexington, February 21st Invasion show with Ohio, Chicago, and Lexington at Greg’s from 8-10, March 22nd is Invasion Show with Lexington and Indiana in Cincinnati, February 29th Drag Bingo at Zonie’s from 5-7, April 18th is 50’s Sock Hop at Greg’s from 8-10, and Lexington’s Invasion show with Cincinnati and Indiana.  Upcoming travels for the monarch’s February 1stMinnesota, March 21st Ft. Worth, TX, and Tulsa Coronation April 4th.

The membership coordinator reported we have 2 new members that signed up.  Treva also reported she would like us to email her some pics of the monarchs from our shows.

The next meeting will be February 23rd at 2pm at the Central Library.  Meeting was adjourned with a motion from Matthew and second from Jeff and a unanimous vote from the board.

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