SICII Board Meeting Minutes May 19, 2019

Updated: Feb 12

Meeting was called to order at 3:20pm by President Jeff Wainscott.  Also, in attendance were, Vice President Michelle Edwards, Secretary Matthew Hill, Treasurer Monica Poindexter, and Regent Emperor 3 Jaime Alaniz.  Also, in attendance were, ICP 2 Vesper Landin, Rick Shell, ICP 3 Brandon Barker, and Empress 2 Shalia Cavalli.  On the phone were, Membership Chairwoman Treva Eley and Regent Empress 3 Robin Largen.

            The minutes were read by the secretary from the previous meeting.  With a motion from Michelle and second from Jaime the motion was passed with one change in the time for show at Greg’s.

            The treasurer report was read by Monica.  The bank balance is $2827.47 as of April 14th, 2019.  After deposits and transfers will be $3446.73.  The motion was made by Michelle and seconded by Matthew the motion carried with some changes.

            The coronation pricing was discussed.  The early bird price will be $110 until August 1st and $130 after August 1st.  Breakdown is out of town show $20, Coronation is $80, and Victory Brunch is $30.  We will have our first coronation planning meeting on April 28th at the library at 3pm.  It was mentioned that we will donate a coronation ticket to the current Bag Lady Queen.  The motion was made by Matthew and seconded by Michelle the motion passed.

            The Vice President made suggestions to changes in the roles of the different board positions.  Everyone looked over them and had no objections.  The motion was made by Jaime and seconded by Matthew the motion passed.

            The monarchs report was given by Jaime and Duchess.  Denver is the next coronation on April 19th to 21st, San Antonio May 23rd to 26th, New Mexico May 30th to June 1st, Lexington May 31st to June 2nd, and Omaha July 12th to 14th.  The ICP gave us a show report, Apr 27th at 8:30 at Greg’s, and June 15th at State Street Pub.  Brandon would like to do an underwear auction on May 26th at Zonie’s Closet.  He asked the board for $75 to purchase underwear for this.  The motion was made by Jaime and seconded by Matthew the motion carried with 6 yes votes and one no vote.

            The motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 4:55 by Matthew and seconded by Jeff.  The motion carried with the next meeting being in Seymour on May 19th at 3pm.

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