SICII Board Meeting Minutes, Nov. 9, 2019

Updated: Feb 12

Meeting called to order at 3:23 pm by President Michelle Edwards. In attendance were the president, Vice President Brad Eley, Secretary Matthew Hill, Treasurer Jaime Papi Chulo, Membership Chairwoman Treva Eley, and Regent Emperor 4 Jeff Wainscott. Also, in attendance were members Renee Lyons, Brandon Barker, and Darnell Dismuke. Empress 4 Monica Poindexter was in attendance via phone.

The minutes were read by the Secretary. A motion was made by Treva and seconded by Jaime and passed with a unanimous vote.

The financial report was given by the Treasurer. After some figures were written on the board the BOD decided to table the financial report until next month due to a discrepancy in the reported balance and the bank balance.

Membership Report was given by the Membership Chair. She stated that we are losing readership of the monthly newsletter. No new members to report currently.

The monarchs report was given by Jeff. We have a show on Nov. 23rd at State Street Pub from 7-9, Nov. 24 Drag Bingo at Zonie’s from 5-7, ICP Ball at Greg’s from 7-10, the monarchs have the Toyland Show in Cincinnati, and Drag Bingo at Zonie’s from 5-7. Since the meeting the monarchs have reported in the BOD chat that we have handouts for the homeless on Dec. 15 with shopping for the adopted family afterwards.

New business was reported on by Michelle. Who brought up that Rick Shell reported on a new bar in Terre Haute. Our Confidentially on Social Media clause is mentioned on our website when applying for membership. Brad will be preparing a new form for us to sign and overlook as a BOD and post it on our website.

Next Meeting will be December 22nd at 3pm at Zonie’s before the Drag Bingo. The motion was made by Matthew and seconded by Jeff to adjourn the meeting at 5pm.

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