SICII Board Meeting Minutes Oct. 27, 2019

Updated: Jan 16

Meeting was called to order by the president Michelle Edwards at 2:24 pm.  In attendance were the President, Secretary Matthew Hill, Membership Chairwoman Treva Eley, Regent Emperor IV Jeff Wainscott, and Empress IV Monica Poindexter.  Also, in attendance was Brad Eley.

          The minutes were read from the previous meeting by the secretary.  There were some changes made to the minutes.  The changes were the spelling of the Empresses name, to remove the sentence This closes the books on Reign III, and the fact that the ICP’s proposed a ball on December 7th at Greg’s.  A motion was made by Jeff and second by Treva to approve the minutes as read with the changes and passed with a unanimous vote.

          Treasurer’s report was given by the president.  There was a correction to the total from Reign III.  The new total was 3,025.86.  This occurred because Buffalo paid $97.50 for there ad in the coronation program, and tips from the bus tour of $35.00.  A motion was made to donate $1000 each to Reign III charities, Gender Nexus and Step Up, leaving a balance of $1,025.86 for the start of Reign IV.  The investiture tips of $335 were deposited into the account.  This leaves us a balance of $1360.86 in the account.  Michelle proposed that we start using a form a every show detailing the number of tips received.  The motion was made to approve the form by Matthew and seconded by Jeff.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.  Michelle also stated that from now on the tips at the show will be counted by two people.  They will be the treasurer and either Brad or Michelle unless someone else is given the okay to count by Michelle or Brad.  A motion was made by Matthew and Second by Jeff to approve an ad for Chicago program in the amount of $75.  The motion passed.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report by Matthew and seconded by Jeff.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

          The President’s report was given by Michelle.  She has appointed Brad Eley as the vice president on the board of directors since this position was left vacant.

          The monarch report was given by Jeff and Monica.  We have the ICP Ball on December 7th at Greg’s, Chicago Coronation on November 15th thru the 17th, a show at State Street Pub on November 23rd at 7pm and Drag Bingo on November 24th at Zonies from 5 to 7pm, show January 4th at Pride Bar, and Greg’s on January 25th.  The monarch’s will be participating in a charity show on November 22 at Pride Bar and December 13th in Cincinnati.  Jeff and Monica would like to adopt a family from the Julian Center with the proceeds from the show at State Street and the ICP ball going to this cause.

          Membership report was given by Treva.  We have one new member that has joined the court.  Treva reported that there were several members that did not renew their membership during the renewal time of October 1st thru the 15th.  It was mentioned that Michelle reached out to other ICS members about the past Emperor’s and Empresses not having to renew because of their titles.  It was stated to us that this is not true they need to renew their membership so that we have an accurate active and inactive list for voting purposes at coronation.

          Matthew mentioned that he would like to do an ICP birthday bash on May 16th at Greg’s.  Jeff said he would get ahold of Greg’s and submit this date to them to see if they have it available.  He also mentioned the fact that he would like the line to volunteer at his church’s food pantry one Saturday morning.  The contacts phone number for the church’s food pantry was given to Monica so that she could get ahold of her and set something up.

          The next meeting will be November 9th at the Central Library.  Time is to be announced since the library’s hours are different on Saturday’s.  The meeting was adjourned with a motion from Matthew and Second by Jeff and a unanimous vote at 3:50pm.

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